A Message from our CEO

Thank you for visiting The National Civil War Museum website.
I proudly consider our museum to be one of the premier American Civil War museums in the country. I encourage you to explore our website and then come to visit for a tour of our grounds and galleries, which I consider to be the greatest lesson in American History.
The National Civil War Museum sits strategically above the Susquehanna Valley and offers a 360 degree view that will take your breath away. Some of our visitors say the view alone is worth the trip to Harrisburg.
Our mission is to serve as a national center to inspire lifelong learning of the American Civil War through the preservation and balanced presentation of the American peoples struggles for survival and healing. We are committed to providing a balanced presentation of the American Civil War, its causes and effects, in order to better understand our history and its relevance to today’s society.
If you choose to visit us, please consider scheduling your trip during one of our many events scheduled throughout the year. If you are a member, we hope you join us for a unique behind the scenes tours of our archives and collections storage that we call See, Touch & Feel - Museum Experience. I hope to see you there.
Yours in History,
Wayne E. Motts