Information for Teachers

The National Civil War Museum encourages visits by school groups. Teachers will find that this museum lives up to our promises to tell the story of the entire Civil War. Teachers should visit the Museum before bringing their classes for a visit. You need to know what your students will see and hear, and how it relates to your curriculum. Teachers are admitted to the Museum, without charge, to plan field trips. The Museum is a great resource for learning about the Civil War but it is the educator's responsibility to make the students' visit meaningful. Print out our Field Trip Guide 2018-2019 and Exhibit Guide 2018-2019 to begin planning your field trip.

Allow Sufficient Time for Your Tour: We estimate that school groups should allow at least two-to-four hours to actually tour the Museum. If you are bringing a large group to the Museum, you should divide your group into sections of approximately 25 students or less, with the appropriate number of chaperones. With such large groups, one section begins their visit in the galleries, while the remaining sections listen to a presentation by our education staff. An additional section is sent into the galleries approximately every fifteen (15) minutes. Please allow sufficient time for this staggered entry into the Museum galleries.

Finding History: One of the most effective ways to actively involve your students in a visit to the Museum is to have a list of questions that they can answer as they view and listen to the exhibits. We highly recommend that you develop your own list of questions, based on your lesson plan for the Civil War. It would be best if the questions require the students to (1) read captions, (2) listen to taped narrations, (3) view videos, and (4) examine artifacts. In preparing your questions, you should always note on your copy where the answer can be found in the Museum.

Educational Presentations: The National Civil War Museum's educational staff will speak to school groups about various Civil War topics. They will bring history to life and supplement the Museum exhibits. With prior arrangements, they can provide presentations on specific topics that relate to your lesson plan.

Videos, Maps and Mannequins: In addition to an outstanding collection of artifacts, The National Civil War Museum incorporates high-resolution digital videos, sound and light shows, and life-like mannequins in dramatic and emotional presentations. These varied audio-visual presentations are an integral part of the Museum's exhibits that are sure to keep your students attention.

From the Museum to the Classroom!

The National Civil War Museum is launching a campaign to bring our museum to classrooms around the country. For more information about Skype presentations to school groups, please email our Educator, Dane DiFebo