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See how your charitable donation will be used

Help us to improve the lighting in our galleries.  See how your charitable donation will be used. We are sprinting to light the National Civil War Museum’s galleries - aiding the preservation of the artifacts on display, reducing energy costs, and improving the visitor experience. We can meet these goals with your support. Please consider contributing to this worthy endeavor and help improve the Museum experience for all to enjoy.

We Are A 501c(3) - Not For Profit Organization

The National Civil War Museum is a private 501c(3) nonprofit organization. We rely on the support of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government funding to sustain our mission of preservation and education. Although the building is owned by the City of Harrisburg, we operate and maintain it on a daily basis. Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to upgrade our lighting in the galleries for years to come. 

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Why Do We Need To Update Our Light Bulbs?

Most of our artifacts are light-sensitive, and to aid the preservation of artifacts on display, we are on a mission to upgrade our lights to LED. It will also help brighten up the gallery and make it easier for you to read our displays.

PayPal Partnership

We utilize PayPal to accept secure donations from our supporters. Paypal enables us to accept one-time, monthly, or yearly donations, even those that are re-occurring. Every dollar makes a difference.

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Every dollar makes a difference

We have 17 Galleries with hundreds of historic artifacts to preserve. Now is the time to take action. Help us upgrade the lighting in the galleries and “Shine a Light on History.” No amount is too small to help.









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