Tour Information

The National Civil War Museum is a unique educational and entertainment facility. This museum caters to the history enthusiast, the Civil War buff, those who are proud to be Americans, and those who want to know more about America's greatest tragedy.

School Tours

School tours are always welcomed. Groups must include a minimum of ten (10) people and arrange for their group event at least one week in advance and pay with one form of payment. We will work with you to make your visit educational and eventful. Help us help you...let's stay organized. This is an educational experience that requires teacher preparation, student supervision, and the involvement of all concerned. Rates for school tours: SCHOOL TOUR RATES: $10.00 per student - $11.00 per chaperone (1 complimentary chaperone admission for every 5 paid student admissions) with a minimum of ten (10) people. Military and civilian impression presentations may be requested for any school group interested. Please ask the museum coordinator for further information regarding these presentations. You will have a great day learning and experiencing the humanistic side of the Civil War period at The National Civil War Museum. Contact our educator to schedule your tour at 717-260-1861.

Group Tours

Group tours are available and welcome. Adult/Senior/Student groups must include a minimum of ten (10) people, arrange for their group event at least one week in advance, and pay with one form of payment. The purchase of group tickets on arrival is discouraged. The group leader is always complimentary. For bus tours; the driver is also complimentary.  Rates for these tours follow: GROUP TOUR RATES: Student: $10.00 (children under 6 are free) Senior/Adult: $11.00. Contact our sales office to schedule your tour at 717-260-1861.

Additional Information

Tours: Tours are self-guided. A unique combination of high-resolution digital video, sound and light shows, life-size dioramas, and the world's best Civil War collection is arranged to keep your attention.

How long should you allow
: Most visitors linger for at least two hours; others stay for up to four hours. Take your time though and move along at your own pace.

Plan ahead
: Schedule your tour around our special programs (listed on the calendar).

Bus and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Parking
: Free on-site parking is available for school and tour buses. Limited access is also available for RV's and motor homes. There is no overnight parking permitted.  Buses, please use Market Street entrance.

: Pre-payment for all group tours may be made by check or credit card. A confirmation letter will be mailed approximately three (3) weeks prior to your event. Please include a copy of the confirmation letter or reservation number with your payment.

Food Service
: Pre-arranged catering services are available.

: Educational and entertainment offerings are plentiful in our Museum Gift Shop.

ADA Compliance
: The Museum is fully accessible for people using wheelchairs and motorized scooters. Elevators service all public areas in The National Civil War Museum.

: The National Civil War Museum offers online directions or you may call the museum to get directions at 717-260-1861.

The Museum mailing address
is: 1 Lincoln Circle @ Reservoir Park Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17103

: For further information, call the Sales Office at 717-260-1861.