Exhibit opens January 21, 2016 through December 31, 2016

This exhibit will illustrate, through stories, images and artifacts the moral challenges faced by thousands of men in the ranks. Many of those leaving home for the first time were determined to uphold the virtuous principals of faith, hard work and morality practiced by their families for generations. Other men in the ranks had no such principals and were determined to seek their own path. The vices of drinking, gambling and fraternization were but a few of the moral transgressions that tempted both men and women during the Civil War. Rank had no place in the battle of vice and virtue. Officers were both corrupted by power and empowered by faith in their men. Religious men were seduced by the immorality of war and faithless men found god on the battlefield. Whether tempted by vice or touched by virtue, all of those who lived through the Civil War were changed by it.