Why Donate?

The National Civil War Museum is a private 501c(3) private nonprofit. We rely on the support of individuals, foundations, corporations, and government funding to sustain our mission of preservation and education. Your tax-deductible contribution is spread across every aspect of the continuing programs, artifact preservation, and upkeep of our exhibits and galleries.


Your contributions support the mission of The National Civil War Museum!

This year we welcomed new artifacts into our collection from unexpected sources, and new members joined our Museum family. We successfully grew our YouTube channel with new and interesting content that you can enjoy at home. We also hosted several well-received virtual events that many of you are still enjoying. And when we needed you the most, you dug deep with generous and meaningful gifts.

We hope that we may continue to count on your loyal and generous support. Most importantly, we hope that you will visit us soon and experience firsthand the story of the American Civil War. We cannot continue our mission without your help. You are the reason we are here.

You can support The National Civil War Museum with a contribution to our annual Preserve Our History Campaign, with an annual membership, corporate sponsorship, placing a memorial brick, or by supporting our Annual Blue & Gray Gala.


Would you like to help us keep Old Glory flying over The National Civil War Museum?

For 20 years, the Stars and Stripes have flown in Reservoir Park in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the home of The National Civil War Museum. The 20 by 38-foot flags are visually prominent from anywhere in the city. Our flag flies not only to mark the significance of the American Civil War but also to honor those who gave their lives in this pivotal time in our history.

Depending upon weather conditions, these nearly $1,400 flags are replaced six times per year. When possible flags are repaired, however, the cost to maintain and replace the flags exceeds $7,000 annually. Help us to keep our flags flying!

Click here to donate to our Flag Fund