Plan a Field Trip

Bring your students to The National Civil War Museum to enhance their study of the Civil War and its legacy. Your students will learn about the causes of the war, the battles and the people who fought them, and the legacy of the war that still affects us today. They will tour our exhibitions in groups and may participate in a scavenger hunt activity designed to keep them engaged and on-task. Additionally, we offer hands-on educational presentations that align with Pennsylvania (SAS) and Common Core Standards. Every presentation can be customized to suit students of all ages and ability levels. 

Field Trip Tips

Hands-On Programs

You can add one of the following programs to your museum visit to enhance your student’s visit. Please ask our staff for more details.

The Life of a Soldier

Why did Civil War soldiers fight shoulder-to-shoulder? You mean there’s more than one use for a bayonet? How are armies organized? Students will be introduced to the day-to-day life of a soldier accompanied by reproductions of uniforms, equipment, and weapons. This incredibly popular presentation goes beyond traditional Civil War curriculum and prepares students to be more educated viewers in the museum galleries.

Slavery: From Jamestown to Appomattox

This presentation discusses slavery in the United States from its beginnings to its end. Included in the presentation are: the economic and political forces that caused and perpetuated slavery, the work of abolitionists, and the military contributions and achievements of African Americans in the Civil War and postwar eras. This presentation is more suitable to high school and advanced audiences, but can be specialized to focus on specific regions and research or learning interests.

The People From Your Town or Region

Hear what the war was like for soldiers from your local community. What did they see? Where did they fight? What were their lives like? How many made it home? Your questions will be answered in this presentation.

Battles & Campaigns of the Civil War

Get the full story on any Civil War battle or campaign from the well-known (Gettysburg) to the lesser known (Confederates invade New Mexico). Choose and let us tell the story! Interactive maps, correspondence, images, and primary source accounts enhance these presentations.

Outreach & Virtual Lessons

We understand that sometimes it may be difficult for schools to visit our museum in person. That is why we also offer virtual field trips as an alternative. Our virtual field trips are designed to be interactive and engaging, allowing students to explore our exhibits and learn from our experts without leaving their classroom. Whether in person or virtually, we are committed to providing high-quality educational experiences that inspire and engage students of all ages.

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