Group Pricing

 Book your group for a tour of the National Civil War Museum. Our exhibits offer an engaging and educational experience for people of all ages. We offer reduced admission for group tours, and we ask that you book your tour at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. 


$10 /per*


$11 /per

Contact our group tour sales office to discuss an upgrade for a presentation or collections tour.

*Children under 6 are FREE*


Book a Group Tour

Adult & Senior groups of 10 or more are always welcome at the National Civil War Museum. Your group will explore 17 galleries that tell the fascinating story of the Civil War and its enduring legacy. Group leaders must book their tour at least two (2) weeks in advance. The group leader and bus driver(s) are always complimentary, and we have ample parking for buses. All tours are self-guided but can be supplemented with a special talk or collections tour. We have space for lunch if requested and free wifi is available throughout the building. Contact our group tour sales office to schedule your tour at 717-260-1861.

Tour Tips

Exhibit Information

Immerse yourself in a journey that brings the past to life through a remarkable collection of artifacts, interactive displays, and immersive experiences. Our exhibits have been thoughtfully curated to provide a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the Civil War era. From iconic battle artifacts to personal stories of soldiers and civilians, each exhibit offers a unique perspective and invites visitors to connect with the struggles and triumphs of the time.

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