Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at the National Civil War Museum is a unique opportunity to connect with history, preserve the past, and contribute to the understanding of a pivotal era in our nation’s history. By dedicating your time and energy to such a meaningful cause, you can play a vital role in educating visitors about the struggles, sacrifices, and triumphs of the Civil War era.

Volunteering at a Civil War museum not only offers you a chance to deepen your own knowledge and appreciation of this significant period, but it also allows you to share that knowledge with others.

What You’ll Do

Museum volunteers work in multiple support roles:

  • Improve the visitor experience by greeting guests, working an activity station, docent in the galleries, or helping with a school field trip.
  • Catalog and transcribe archival documents in the museum’s collection.
  • Administrative support in the sales and marketing or development offices.
  • Outreach activities both on and off-site.
  • Event support for fundraising and community activities.
  • Support our public programs and student tours

*Aspiring Museum volunteers must undergo and pass a background check.*