Picketts Charge: Eyewitness Accounts


Pickett's Charge: Eyewitness Accounts at the Battle of Gettysburg by Richard Rollins

At Gettysburg on July 3, 1863, Confederate soldiers launched one of history's most famous infantry assaults: Pickett's Charge. Using the participants' own words, Richard Rollins deftly reconstructs that momentous event. Separate sections cover planning and preparation; the preliminary artillery barrage; the charges of Pickett's, Pettigrew's, and Trimble's Divisions; and defensive actions up and down the Federal line. From the generals who devised the assault to the lower-level officers and men who bravely walked through shell and shot, Rollins offers a comprehensive, panoramic view of the charge, with more than 150 firsthand accounts—including accounts from Lee, Longstreet, Pickett, Meade, and Hancock—many of them long forgotten and previously unpublished.

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