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Lessons in History Presentation “Longstreet – The Confederate General Who Defied the South” with Dr. Elizabeth R. Varon

The National Civil War Museum 1 Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park, Harrisburg, PA, United States

Join us for our 2023 Lessons in History presentation with author Elizabeth R. Varon on December 9, 2023, 1:00 pm -2:00 pm. Ms. Varon will discuss her book, LONGSTREET - The Confederate General Who Defied the South. Elizabeth Varon’s LONGSTREET is a bold new biography that tells the story of the most remarkable political about-face in American history. During the Civil War, General James Longstreet fought tenaciously for the Confederacy. He was alongside Lee at Gettysburg (and counseled him not to order the ill-fated attacks on entrenched Union forces there). He won a major Confederate victory at Chickamauga and was seriously wounded during a later battle. After the war, Longstreet moved to New Orleans, where he dramatically changed course. He supported Black voting and joined the newly elected, integrated postwar government in Louisiana. When white supremacists took up arms to oust that government, Longstreet, leading the interracial state militia, did battle against former Confederates. His defiance ignited a firestorm of controversy, as white Southerners branded him a race traitor and blamed him retroactively for the South’s defeat in the Civil War. Although he was one of the highest-ranking Confederate generals, Longstreet has never been commemorated with statues or other memorials […]

Lessons in History Presentation with Edda L. Fields-Black

The National Civil War Museum 1 Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park, Harrisburg, PA, United States

Join us for our Lessons in History Presentation with author Dr. Edda L. Fields-Black, on March 9, 2024, from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm at the NCWM.  Author Edda L. Fields-Black will talk about the story of the Combahee River Raid, one of Harriet Tubman’s most extraordinary accomplishments, based on original documents and written by a descendant of one of the participants. This NCWM Lessons in History presentation will focus on the Combahee River Raid. Most Americans know of Harriet Tubman’s legendary life: escaping enslavement in 1849, she led more than 60 others out of bondage via the Underground Railroad, gave instructions on getting to freedom to scores more, and went on to live a lifetime fighting for change. Yet the many biographies, children’s books, and films about Tubman omit a crucial chapter: during the Civil War, hired by the Union Army, she ventured into the heart of slave territory–Beaufort, South Carolina–to live, work, and gather intelligence for a daring raid up the Combahee River to attack the major plantations of Rice Country, the breadbasket of the Confederacy. Using previous unexamined documents, including Tubman’s US Civil War Pension File, bills of sale, wills, marriage settlements, and estate papers from planters’ […]